Mommy Taught Me: 8-Year-Old Follows in Her Mother’s Entrepreneurial Footsteps With The Success of Her Beauty Brand

Mommy Taught Me: 8-Year-Old Follows in Her Mother’s Entrepreneurial Footsteps With The Success of Her Beauty Brand

There is a new mommy and daughter entrepreneur duo in town, and we got the scoop on their journey to entrepreneurship!

There is a new entrepreneur in town. Her name is Angeline, and she wants to bless your skin and hair with products from our new beauty brand Aesthetic Vibez!

Since launching on September 11th, 2020, she has sold out and restocked several of her products that include rose body and lip scrub, rose lip oils, hair and body serums and soap. She plans to add hair vitamins, too!

“She said ‘Mom, I don’t want to be your assistant anymore. I want my own business,’” said Krystal Lilly, the owner of successful boutique Khrissy’s Kreations.

Lilly, a single mom of 3,  launched her fashion boutique in February 2019 as a way to deal with her anxiety and depression then became a full-time entrepreneur in August of 2019 after experiencing racial discrimination. Angeline worked as her assistant learning how to process her mom’s orders from start to finish to now processing her own orders.

How to get started?

“I would say look up Youtube, do research and choose a name,” said Angeline who handmakes all of her products. 

When she is not making products for your skin and hair (which include wholesale orders), she is excelling in school (her school wanted to skip her a grade 🙂 ) and practicing gymnastics two times a week. Her dedication to gymnastics for the last five years has helped with the discipline she advises other young entrepreneurs that discipline has helped her start her business.

The mom and daughter duo both have plans to continue to work for themselves and become estheticians in the future while Angeline’s skin care line grows. For mom: a storefront for her fashion boutique is also in the future. She offers customized candles, work badges, T-shirts, card games, bathroom sets and much more!

This mom and daughter team is thriving during a pandemic, and mom Krystal is even also a Covid-19 survivor. You can keep us with this dynamic duo via their websites and #BuyBlackSYR

Photo Credit: All photos courtesy of Krystal Lilly

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