4 Local Black-Owned GoFundMe Campaigns You Should Support Now

4 Local Black-Owned GoFundMe Campaigns You Should Support Now

Prior to the pandemic, there has always been a need for community fundraising whether for a new business venture or community cause. Here are 4 local Black-owned GoFundMe campaigns you should support right now.

  1. #SupportBlackOwnedSyracuse In December 2019, our founder Shavon S. Greene penned an open letter to the community about our future plans for events, programs and projects. Our first goal is $10,000 and we are half way there! Click here to read her letter and donate. Direct link to GoFundMe Campaign: www.GoFundMe.com/SupportBlackOwnedSyracuse

2. Doula 4 Queen Scholarship Fund & Local Doula College Fund

Black mothers face a high-risk of death during pregnancy due to medical racism, and the community has respond by fostering Black doulas. In Syracuse, community activist SeQuoia Kemp has been a leader in this doula and midwife movement. She is raising funds to provide scholarship for fellow Black and Latinx doulas as well as for her nursing school expenses. Links are below:

Direct GoFundMe link to Doula 4 A Queen Scholarship Fund: https://www.gofundme.com/f/doula-scholarship-fund

Direct GoFundMe link to College Fund for SeQuoia Kemp: https://www.gofundme.com/f/dnymv-nurse-midwife-in-the-making

3. “Liver for Kasen” Black local mother Mitayah Donerlson gave birth to a beautiful baby boy this year, but it was followed by tragedy when he was diagonsed with a rare live disease called . Kasen is in need of a liver transplant. His mother is raising funds that will be “for the coordination of my treatment including but not limited to my health and well-being, pre and post-surgical procedures, medical expenses, traveling expenses to &from designated liver transplant center(s), boarding accommodations, recovery expenses and much more.”

Direct link to GoFundMe Campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/f/quotliver-4-kasenquot-i-need-your-support

4. Therapy for Local Black Men

Community members Kela Kl Freeman and Kahs Hills created this GoFundMe campaign to pay for 5 therapy sessions for 3 local Black men. On their campaign page, they wrote: “While mental health illnesses appear throughout the Black community at rates similar to other races, it has been proven that there are disparities within the Black community that specifically discourage those within it from accessing, seeking, and receiving adequate mental health services (1). An immense effort has been put forth, by both organizations and individuals alike, to debunk the stigma around mental health however Black men are still less likely to get the mental health related help that they both need and deserve.” Direct link to GoFundMe Campaign: https://www.gofundme.com/f/therapyforblackmen

Note: The initial goal for this campaign has been reached, but it’s still active so you can still help more local Black men get therapy.

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