6 Ways Non-Black Businesses Can Stand in Solidarity With Black-Owned Businesses

6 Ways Non-Black Businesses Can Stand in Solidarity With Black-Owned Businesses

We have received several DMs on social media and emails from non-Black community members and businesses asking, “How Can We Help?”. Here are a few ways non-Black businesses can stand in solidarity with Black-owned businesses.

Donate. Donate. Donate. CASH is Queen! Cash is King. Cash is non-binary. In general, Black-owned businesses often struggle with getting funding due to structural racism. This has become even more evident during the pandemic. Many Black-owned businesses are forced to downsize, shutdown completely or just not able to level up due to the lack of funding. It is the number one way to help Black-owned businesses succeed.

Ask yourself, “Can I Buy This Black-Owned?” This is a part of our #BuyBlackSYR pledge. Get into the mindset of asking if there is a Black-owned business that does this service and/or sells this product. You can find a list of local Black-owned businesses listed in our directory. There are also other global Black-owned directory lists you can support. We recommend starting with us to buy “Black and local” first. And, if you can’t buy, donate.

Share the love with your family and friends. “Word of my mouth” is and has always been the best form of marketing because your circle of family and friends trust you. Use your word of mouth for good and encourage your people to buy Black and local.

Volunteer. You can volunteer your time, skills and resources to local Black businesses. Respond to call-to-actions and/or reach out directly to the business to see how you can help.

Sponsor. There are many different ways you can sponsor a business. Two ways you can do this with the help of Black-Owned Syracuse is a sponsored post and/or sponsor the business at a vendor event.

Read. Unlearn. Learn. Apply then Repeat. There are local Black non-profit organizations that are dedicated to leading discussions on and teaching anti-racist work. If you are human, you definitely have much unlearning to do as well as relearning about racism that would then need to be applied to your real life. Anti-racist work isn’t easy, but more than buying Black, Black lives matter.

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