The Value of Our Dollar

The Value of Our Dollar

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our founder Shavon S. Greene is collaborating with local certified life coach and podcaster Tyrone Dixon and community member Elijah Haskins in an effort to start health dialogue about The Value of Our Dollar. Read there call-to-action below.


We are looking to spotlight local businesses that have not shown support for social change, and the injustices that have taken place in our community.

This WILL NOT be an attempt to divide our community in any way, shape or form.

We would simply be spotlighting the places in our community

that do not value our dollar.

We WILL NOT judge you if you continue to spend money at any of the businesses we list. Again, this will not be an attempt to create more

division in our community.

Please feel free to comment, inbox us or fill out our incident report form to tell us about any experiences you have had.

The Value of Our Dollar members thank you in advance.

-Tyrone Dixon,

Certified Life Coach, Founder of Aroze Through Concrete, and Host of “The Quality of Love” podcast

-Shavon S. Greene,

Founder of Black-Owned Syracuse, Black-Owned CNY & Greene Style Media

-Elijah Haskins, School Support Specialist 

If you would like to share a racist encounter at a local business, please fill out our form here:

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