Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of frequently asked questions. Please read in its entirety before contacting us. Your answer may be below.

Who We Are: Your #1 Source for Everything Locally Black-Owned: #BuyBlackSYR

  1. What is Black-Owned Syracuse? Since 2018, Black-Owned Syracuse has been the #1 source for Black entrepreneurs in Syracuse and surrounding areas. Our mission is to celebrate, support and highlight local Black entrepreneurs by sharing their stories, offering quality business services, programs and financial assistance. We host annual events and own the only business directory that list only Black-Owned, Syracuse-based” businesses.
  2. What does “Black-owned” mean? Black-owned means the business is solely owned by a Black adult person and/or child. Black people who own businesses are Black business owners by default. Black ownership requires sole ownership. Ideally, we hope to highlight Black businesses who have an investment in the Black community. A few examples of investing in the Black community is hiring Black employees and intentionally using Black people in your marketing efforts. We look at the whole picture when thinking of Black ownership.
  3. What does “Syracuse-based” mean? Besides business, brands and organizations in Syracuse, we also list businesses that are in close proximity to Syracuse (as close a Liverpool and as far as Baldwinsville). We also list businesses of Syracuse natives who have moved away from Syracuse (but have online businesses/digital purchasing platforms) and current students at local Syracuse colleges and universities. These distinctions will be noted on their listings.
  4. How do I get featured on the directory? If you fit the above requirements, you can add your listing for FREE at Your business is also added to our directory download (will be available again soon), which is updated every Tuesday. There are premium listing options and advertising opportunities for local community members and businesses/organizations.
  5. I think this and everything you do is racist. Explain why it isn’t! No.

What We Do: Our Annual Events, Directory, Projects, and Programs.

  1. When will you resume your annual in-person events? We will resume our in-person events with just one major event in 2022. Our second annual Black Joy Week celebration will kick off Coming Black Together: A Taste of Black Cuse” event wil
  2. Your site lists projects, programs, etc, what is the status on these goals? We will announce via our newsletter and patreon account. We will not announce every update on social media nor our site.
  3. I am from a local organization. How can I use your directory to help my members? You can send them a link to our directory: If you would like to have access download our directory, click here.
  4. I love what you’re doing! Would you like to collaborate/form a partnership? No, not at this time.

How You Can Help: Donate. Share. Volunteer.

  1. How can we donate? You can donate to us via our GoFundMe, Cash App: $BlackOwnedSyracuse or become a patron!
  2. I am not a part of the Black community, are there any other specific ways I can help? Yes! Besides donate directly to us (see above), you can sponsor posts (and ads for podcasts, article, etc) for local Black entrepreneurs by sending us a donation with a note that it’s for a sponsored post, etc and we will announce the donation and give on first-come, first-serve basis unless otherwise stated. You can also email us at Sign up for our newsletter here for announcements on other ways to get involved.
  3. I am some questions before I donate. How can I get answers? Contact our founder Shavon Greene directly via email at if you have any questions about our fundraising efforts.
  4. I would like to volunteer, intern or join your team. How can I sign up? Sign up for our newsletter here, and make sure to follow us on social media. All social media handles are @BlackOwnedSyracuse. We can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We will make announcements about more opportunities soon!

The Rules: Media Requests, Use of Our Content, Directory, Event Rules, Etc.

  1. How do I get featured on your site? If you fit the above requirements and have a unique story to tell, feel free to let us know via email: If you are interested in being advertised on our site and/or our social media platforms, see more information about our rates and how to submit your ad requests here.
  2. I am a local Black music artist, and I would like to be featured on your video and/or podcast content? How do I submit my information? Yay! Please submit here please.
  3. I would love to interview your founder/team for my local media organization/school story/newspaper. How can I submit my request? We do not grant media interviews. We have NDAs, so no current or past team members can speak on behalf of Black-Owned Syracuse.
  4. Since you don’t participate in media interviews, can you recommend some local Black business owners we can reach out to feature? Please peruse our website, directory or social media platforms. We have and continue to feature great local Black entrepreneurs, companies and causes daily.
  5. I would love to list your directory on my (company’s) site/blog. Is that allowed? You can post a link to our directory to your site. You can also post a link to our directory download to your site. There is a one-time fee for access. You are NOT allowed to post our entire directory to our site. If you use any of our directories as a source for your social media graphics, you must add us as a source directly to the content. Any other questions about our directory, email
  6. My business is not Black-owned. Can I be featured on the site or be a vendor at an event? No, but you can purchase an ad space/website post or sponsor a local Black entrepreneur here. Submitting a request for your own ad space doesn’t guarantee your ad will be featured.
  7. My business is not Black-owned. Can I be a vendor at one of your events? No, unless you are a sponsor. Email for more information about sponsorship options, which will also be included in event info. Sponsorship opportunities are available for community members and business owners.

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